I used to write a blog every so often and publish them but I can’t seem to log in to my old account. I had hopes of making them into a book one day – I was so much younger and more naive then! I say more naive because I still am and it motivates me to push out for more than Im ‘capable’ of. Who is to say who is capable of what? Aren’t we all created to be creative and to uniquely express ourselves through writing, art, baking, fashion, make up, gaming, music, coding, journalling. Im sure there’s loads more but Im quite tired this morning and that’s all I can list.

My intentions for this blog were at one point to be a ‘real mum’s’ blog but I didn’t keep that up and there are so many out there now that are brilliant, honest and very real. I couldn’t keep up with those women (mainly because they can be a bit sweary and naughty and a good christian woman like myself can only read those blogs in private and laugh but not ‘like’ because, you know, Im christian. Except I probably just gave the secret away there), they’re dedicated and committed whereas I haven’t been; not to blogging anyway.

Im the sort of person who usually commits 100% to whatever I’m doing. I love the opportunity to give my thoughts and skills to projects and make them better. Not that I’m better but I have¬†thoughts and skills I like to use. Im learning now to only commit to what I want to because I can’t do everything. My 40’s taught me that!

So for now Im saying Hi and see you soon. I’ll be back, not daily, hopefully weekly. See how we go sure.